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  • Sun, 13:02: Workin' on art for @FurTheMore today. Finally. ;) Not sure exactly what all I need to do, but I'll work it out.
  • Sun, 13:18: Drawing... on bristol...? With blue pencils...? And brush pens...? It's been too long, I don't remember how! D:=
  • Sun, 13:18: ...I may have also packed my bristol. �.�
  • Sun, 13:24: Hmm... I wonder if my copy of "Furry Pirates" hasn't been packed up yet...
  • Sun, 14:01: RT @tordotcom: Watch this ARCHER & animated STAR TREK video mash-up! We haven't been this happy since the time Babou remembered us http://t…
  • Sun, 14:04: It galls me that the animated Star Trek has been disavowed by Trek canon, but the Abrahms movies have not.
  • Sun, 14:28: NOTE: Just 'cos Universal disavowed the animated series, doesn't mean the writers/fans did. ;)
  • Sun, 14:50: RT @TheTweetOfGod: You can't believe everything you read. But many people don't even read what they believe.
  • Sun, 18:18: I've become very spoilied by Manga Studio. Digital ink doesn't take anything like the cleanup work that real ink does!
  • Sun, 18:18: The new version supposedly has all kinds of new color tools... I'm very tempted. Photoshop has never gotten along well w/ Wacom tablets.
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