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  • Mon, 12:04: Nice. :) //RT @WhatTheFrost: I once asked Siri to Drop the bass, and she gave me an equation on gravity and asked how heavy my fish was.
  • Mon, 12:09: Yes mental image, that WOULD make a nice piece of artwork. That I won't have a chance to work on until November. Sigh. *puts it on the list*
  • Mon, 12:15: So much development time wasted on tracking down cross-browser rendering differences. -.-
  • Mon, 12:15: "Why is this white block here on the iPhone and nowhere else?" "Gremlins. Can we move on now?"
  • Mon, 12:16: RT @SchulzMuseum: You can't have #MusicMonday without Schroeder. This was published 4/14/1952.
  • Mon, 12:22: Firebug on the iPad? Yes please!!!
  • Mon, 13:00: *deletes an uncalled-for poke at someone* Came out harsher than I intended. I still have to fight that tendency sometimes.
  • Mon, 13:24: House is being powerwashed in prep for painting. I parked my car close in the driveway to get a freebie. #pennywise #ThisTweetIsALie
  • Mon, 13:38: Just subscribed to the @paizo modules line. The new size/format looks promising! Not as good as getting Dungeon Magazine back, but still. ;)
  • Mon, 13:44: RT @Spottacus: The War on Creatives: How constant trolling takes personal toll on anyone being creative on the web:
  • Mon, 14:03: I'd read it. // RT @buttonspony: I'm going to write "The Epic of Gildamesh" at some point. #Gildamesh
  • Mon, 14:21: *punches HTML, CSS, and every iOS device on the planet*
  • Mon, 14:27: Is it animal cruelty to have a cat's voice box removed 'cause he WON'T SHUT UP? -.-
  • Mon, 14:28: How do you not get laryngitis, cat? Jeebus cripes!
  • Mon, 14:34: So I can fix my iOS rendering bug by breaking everything that's not iOS. *bangs head on table*
  • Mon, 15:03: Between this cat and that bug, I'm getting seriously stressed. Maybe working from home isn't such a good idea. -.-
  • Mon, 15:17: Hissing at Dasher when he won't stop meowing his fool head off just makes him go to the far end of the room and meow his fool head off.
  • Mon, 15:17: OMG SHUT UP CAT
  • Mon, 15:39: Okay, web design peeps, here's my problem: the HTML tag on the page is 1/3 to 3/4 the width of the screen on iOS devices...
  • Mon, 15:39: Which means the styling on the HTML tag breaks, but only on iPads and iPhones. :P
  • Mon, 15:40: If I put a style of "width: 120%" on the HTML tag, it looks okay on the iPad, better-but-still-wrong on the iPhone, and broken on the PC.
  • Mon, 15:43: I haven't successfully gotten any device to recognize my browser-specific calls; either I'm using old code, or something else is going on.
  • Mon, 15:43: NOTE: This is an inherited code template that I can't change, just append.
  • Mon, 15:47: ...I think I may have found a stupid kludge that will work. O.o
  • Mon, 15:48: *tries stupid kludge in several different browsers* Wow. It offends my sensibilities that this works.
  • Mon, 15:49: Since the main content of the page has a fixed width, I tried @ArchadiaSauria's suggestion and set the HTML width to a hard pixel value. (c)
  • Mon, 15:50: The page now has a slight unintended margin it didn't use to, but it works on all browsers. I'm going with it.
  • Mon, 16:02: RT @MLP_Trixie: Hey, you. Yes. You. You will never be as awesome as the Great and Powerful Trixie, never ever. Just wanted you to know that.
  • Mon, 16:06: Excellent. More of this! // RT @EWDolan: Twitter user arrested for threatening to rape and murder female activist
  • Mon, 16:22: RT @AllenVarney: Microsoft issues DMCA takedown against Microsoft for infringing Microsoft copyrights on Microsoft sites (PC World): http:/…
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