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  • Tue, 15:51: RT @KensterFox: @RealLyndaCarter @the_gneech What do Clue and Murder by Death have in common? Hilarious parody of mystery fiction, and Eile…
  • Tue, 16:24: I keep thinking of @NeilHimself telling people to "make good art." I need to do some of that myself, soon. Not sure when or how, but soon.
  • Tue, 16:28: RT @RobinDLaws: Thought I heard a ghost opening a soda can. Then realized I hadn't hung up Skype after recording latest podcast with @kenne
  • Tue, 16:34: *gasp* NOT @mlp_TheSniper!
  • Tue, 16:53: Random Twitter convo just reminded me: Albert Finney in Skyfall. For no reason. Albert flippin' Finney! Just because? Blows my mind.
  • Tue, 16:56: It's like... "We need somebody to play a garage attendant, he gets about four lines. Is Cary Grant available?"
  • Tue, 16:58: "We need a director for this training film on how to use the copier. I'm thinking Alfred Hitchcock."
  • Tue, 17:02: "Vinyl Siding Options Catalog" by Ernest Hemingway
  • Tue, 17:05: "Bada-ba-ba-da, I'm loving it!" *cymbals* // RT @Boursin: Fast food commercial jingle by the London Philharmonic.
  • Tue, 17:09: Perfromed by the aforementioned London Philhmc // RT @KensterFox: "I Still Wish I Were an Oscar Mayer Weiner" by Ludwig van Beethoven.
  • Wed, 10:02: Ping Brigid and Greg! // RT @FlayrahNews: "Spiders may have personalities, and some are bolder than others."
  • Wed, 10:09: RT @Huskyteer: Conversation about online payment systems more interesting when you mishear 'Diners Club' and 'WorldPay' as 'dinosaurs' and …
  • Wed, 11:00: Dear Everyone In the Universe: There ARE times when "Reply All" is appropriate. Like when you're arranging times to get together! *sigh*
  • Wed, 11:06: RT @AlSweigart: Browser plugin idea: Appends to your user-agent, "By accepting this HTTP connection, you agree to nullify your terms of ser…
  • Wed, 11:09: The "mirror spider" is beautiful! /RT @WIRED: You scared of these spiders? Our intern @stocktonsays can't even look.
  • Wed, 11:43: As someone who wouldn't know Emma Frost from Big Barda, I still say this is cool.
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