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Too Tired to Flail

So there's news on the job front, albeit vague and contradictory news. As mentioned before, my current job is going away at the end of September, which was a little earlier than I wanted. However, one of the graphic artists left from downstairs, leaving them potentially in a lurch.

This is, as they like to call it in marketing speak, synergy. :) One trip downstairs to talk to the head of Communications Services later, it's looking like I will probably be hanging around a bit part time (possibly 3 days/week) assuming all goes well, at least for a while. This will hopefully be a softer landing for us as well as them, until we get the house all dealt with and they work out their new long-term staffing needs.

So that's good; but at the same time, the current position is really getting grindy and painful. Older versions of the software we use are getting hit by security vulnerability after security vulnerability, and our clients as a class just tend to never want to upgrade anything ("What do you mean I can't use Netscape Navigator any more???"), so we're spending less and less of our time writing actual code because we're too busy trying to plug holes in the leaking dam.

This weekend we were set to rent a truck and move a ton of our stuff, but the order came in from on high Friday afternoon that it was all hands on deck nights and weekends and however long it took to get the current round of dam-plugging done. It turned out that we could only do so much on the weekend anyway and so we managed to get some moving done, but it still reached the point where, on Sunday night, at our "Everyone have one last barbecue and say 'Until we meet again!' to sirfox as he sails into the west" party, the bunch of us basically sat around on chairs, occasionally twitching or grunting, staring at each other because none of us had the energy to do anything else. And then I couldn't get to sleep until the Whee! hours because Lizard Brain has this idea that if I don't go to sleep, it can't become tomorrow. Because Lizard Brain is stupid. -.-

And then of course it was back to work this morning. So, yeah... laurie_robey and I are pretty well burned out by now. :P

But the only way around it, as they say, is through it, and so through it we will continue to go. We're six weeks out from The Big Change, it'll be here before we realize.

Still. Some sleep would be nice.

-The Gneech *thud*
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