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  • Wed, 10:36: I'm sorry Cutting Crew, but if you just died in my arms tonight, how are you still singing? That doesn't wash. Are you zombies?
  • Wed, 10:39: It must have been some kind of kiss! // RT @MDMangi: they're clones, or cylons.
  • Wed, 10:40: My arms have a death sentence in 12 systems! /RT @IanusJWolf: The ghost of Cutting Crew will haunt you forever because of your lethal arms!
  • Wed, 10:48: RT @TheTweetOfGod: I'm so sick of "damning it" for you people. Damn it yourselves, damn it.
  • Wed, 11:03: I suddenly want to make a video of @mlp_Rarity singing RuPaul's "Looking Good and Feeling Gorgeous." 'cos, y'know, that'd be awesome.
  • Wed, 11:10: RT @nprmonkeysee: Why I Resist Web Redesigns (And Maybe You Do, Too).
  • Wed, 11:11: RT @StephenAtHome: A sinkhole opened up in the ground near Disney World. The line to get in it is already 4 hours long.
  • Wed, 11:25: I'd like to see these folks in concert sometime. This would also be a cool song for a @mlp_Rarity AMV, too.
  • Wed, 11:32: Go not to the elves for counsel, for they will say both no and yes. Also, the project director on this contract. -.-
  • Wed, 11:43: The neighborhood is made of noise today.
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