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  • Wed, 13:21: Today I keep thinking about @neilhimself's call to Make Good Art. I'm totally gonna do that.
  • Wed, 13:27: I want to create things that will make people's lives better, even if it's just by making 'em laugh.
  • Wed, 13:28: Someone once told me Suburban Jungle helped them get through a suicidal depression. I am not powerless!
  • Wed, 16:24: We've secretly replaced @inkblitzer's soul with Folger's Crystals. Let's see if he notices!
  • Wed, 16:30: There's something you don't hear every day! // RT @Inkblitzer: Now the smell of my soul will wake me up in the morning!
  • Wed, 16:40: Also, "The Very Tall Halflings" would be a great name for a pagan folk/geek band.
  • Wed, 19:58: Beatnik Rarity and Mocha Foam. 'nuff said. #NoContext
  • Wed, 21:03: But I thought you WANTED whining! *kicks legs*
  • Wed, 21:04: WINNING! // RT @graveyardgreg: I said I wanted WINNING, you Gneech!
  • Wed, 21:05: RT @jimchines: Bookshelf cat is helping me work on the novel.
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