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  • Mon, 12:02: Trufax: We ran into heavy traffic on the way home yesterday. @laurierobey said, "I blame @foalpapers." #BlameFoalpapers
  • Mon, 12:04: RT @Kyle_Lippert: Honey I Shrunk The Kids And Now They Sound Like Alvin & The Chipmunks Hahaha Grab Your Phone Let's Vine This It's Rad As …
  • Mon, 12:11: RT @boltcity: Creative process: 1) This is going to be awesome 2) This is hard 3) This is terrible 4) I'm terrible 5) Hey, not bad 6) That …
  • Mon, 12:11: RT @TheDanWells: The projects I WANT to work on are not the same as the projects I HAVE to work on. I'll deal with this by eating this enti…
  • Mon, 12:21: RT @HellcowKeith: So I hear people do "work" when they aren't at conventions. Is that really a Thing? Do I gotta?
  • Mon, 13:50: RT @erikburnham: The difference between a good comic shop and a mediocre (or bad) one: the staff wants to sell you comics that you will enj…
  • Mon, 13:50: RT @erikburnham: Whether that be to their taste or not; they want you, the reader to find things you enjoy and lead you to things you may e…
  • Mon, 13:50: RT @erikburnham: Not to make you feel bad for enjoying it, or make you feel like a burden for asking questions.
  • Mon, 13:53: RT @Rikoshi: Area Teen Quickly Running Out Of Chances To Be First Openly Gay Anything
  • Mon, 14:02: RT @lupinia: I'm also really happy with this eagle shot: :-)
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