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Hello, All You Happy People! @InterventionCon, Moving, and Such.

Saturday: Intervention

Saturday we trundled down to InterventionCon for a few hours. I was originally supposed to have a table for the weekend, but changes in the whole moving plan (specifically, a weekend spent doing job work instead of house work) meant that I needed to spend Sunday working on the house instead. I told the con folks as much last Monday, fully expecting to have someone on the dealer room waiting list nab it (it was a really good spot, too!), but I was sad to see when we got there that the table was still unoccupied.

I really like InterventionCon-- it's run by very cool people who do a very good job of running a smooth, professional show. I am a little worried, tho, that it's reached a "grow or perish" stage in its development. It's supposed to be, among other things, a venue for creators to come together and discuss/learn/share knowledge of their craft, but aside from the core bunch of creators who are fairly local and "always there," it doesn't seem to be getting much attention. What it needs (IMO) is to have a "big name" or two to come in and run some panels with that focus. The ur-example would be someone like Gail Simone to come in and do a panel on Writing for Comics, or have Neil Gaiman host a panel on "Make Good Art" or what-have-you.

I realize that there are budgetary issues to be dealt with there, but honestly, I think this is a big hole in the current InterventionCon setup and something that might be hurting their chances in the long run. That said, I'm not privy to any of their business plans and/or strategic thinking. They may be right on track for where they want to be for all I know. But having been to every InterventionCon since the first now, I've seen a lot of panels with ten attendees and a very quiet artist alley every time. If I wasn't local, I wouldn't be able to afford InterventionCon purely due to the cost/benefit ratio. A con made up with such a core of awesome really should be shining like a star on the con circuit, and right now it just doesn't seem to be getting much attention.

Also, next year, I totally want to bring my Ghostbuster uniform to the show. ;) This con needs some cosplay, dammit!

Sunday: Move ALL the Things!

Bright and early (well, early, anyway) laurierobey and I trundled over to U-Haul and picked up a big ol' truck, into which we tossed the last of our big items to put into storage, as well as fifty babillion boxes o' books, action figures dating back to the 1970s, tubs full of stuffed animals, and so forth, which we schlepped over to the various hidey-holes we've got around town for squirreling them away. (Roughly half is now clogging up hantamouse's spare bedroom.)

I don't think that description really gets across how painful and exhausting the whole process was-- neither of us are as young as we used to be, and the amount and type of stuff we have to schlep is on a vastly different scale from what it was 10 or 20 years ago. In the words of Indiana Jones, "It ain't the years, honey, it's the mileage."

Eight-and-a-half hours later, the truck was returned and laurierobey and I cleaned ourselves up, spruced up a little, and hit Red Lobster for a celebratory dinner. Yesterday was a major milestone in getting the house ready to put on the market, and getting it out of the way was a profound relief to both of us. There's still more work to be done-- lots more work, actually-- but for a little while now, we can coast and just take care of small stuff around the edges.

On the downside of things, I seem to have developed some kind of sinus infection, which is teh suck. :P But now that some of the pressure is off, I'll have more mental bandwidth for things like "going to the doctor."

So the schedule from here: over the course of the week, paint touch-up and making everything pretty. Today or tomorrow, confer with real estate agent. Wednesday, carpet cleaning and repair. Friday (assuming all goes well), the house will be up on the market for Labor Day Weekend!

This thing's really happening. O.o

-The Gneech
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