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  • Thu, 13:22: ...Nah. :)
  • Thu, 13:45: RT @smashingmag: This is kind of... true: Story of a designer's life:
  • Thu, 13:46: You know what would be a cool superpower? Being able to put sound effects into reality.
  • Thu, 13:48: Somebody gets a poke in the eye? "BOINK!" Slips on a wet floor? "Zing!"
  • Thu, 13:48: The Foley Avenger! // RT @NEligahn: Onomatopoeiaman!
  • Thu, 13:49: ...although, now I think about it, that's exactly the power the jackalopes had in NeverNever. :D
  • Thu, 13:49: Although in their case, I got that from jackalope folklore, what little of it there is. :)
  • Thu, 13:51: Retweetception! // RT @NEligahn: Acoutstica: Revenger of Sound RT @the_gneech The Foley Avenger! // RT @NEligahn: Onomatopoeiaman!
  • Thu, 13:58: You silly tweeps. :)
  • Thu, 13:59: ...seems legit. // RT @CrossbowROoF: "The word of the day is *PLANG*. That's the sound your head makes when I hit it with my Anvil Cannon.
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