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Random Wonderings...

I'm still trying to find a hairstyle I like. I wonder how I'd look with a Hugh Grantish "taper cut?"

I know for a fact that I look awful with short hair, so that idea is right out. Plus, I'm just plain sick of seeing men with nothing but short hair everywhere. When Tom "Somebody Kick Me In the Groin, Please" Cruise is considered to have long hair, you know the culture has really fallen into a low, in terms of coiffure.

There are guys who look better with short hair, don't get me wrong. My brother looks much better with short hair than with long, for instance. But variety, people, please! There are currently a grand total of about four men's haircuts: bald, crewcut-with-little-tuft, really short all over, or really short on the back and sides with a tiny bit more on top. That's it! Any of us walking around with more than 1" of hair anywhere on our heads are freaks, very few and far between.

It's not that I want to go back to the '70s, either, far from it. I want some guys to have short hair, some to have medium, and some to have long.

My one big fear with trying out the taper cut, is that if I don't like it, I have to spend two years growing my mane back again, which gets tiresome. At the same time, the long hair is kind of a pain in Kung Fu class and severely restrics my choice of hats. I have a black cap similar to the one Arthur wears in NeverNever, but I can't wear it while my hair is long, 'cause it makes me look like Art Garfunkel -- PUKE!

Well, for the time being, I continue to ponder. I'm open to suggestions!

-The Gneech
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