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Your Weekend Gneech Report

I think-- and I don't want to jinx things here by saying this, but I think-- I may have actually finally had the proper amount of leisure time. To wit, I spent a lot of this weekend actually relaxing. Not "playing computer games because I was too braindead to do anything else," not "doing some kind of activity while simultaneously thinking about fifty other things," but just actually taking the days as they came and relaxing.

It was a very nice change. :) But it's also something I would get bored with quickly. ;)

I also stayed up late pretty much every night, whether reading, trying to get my night elf to level 60, or hangin' out with the #TwitterPonies. The main difference between this any my behavior any other night, is that I was having fun and doing stuff, rather than staring at the ceiling wishing that I could fall asleep.

The one major stressor, and even that we just sorta skated around the edges of, was the whole house/job thing. Still no movement on the house sale front, and no particular reason to think any might come, so we've started looking at other options (such as renting out our house, or just hanging on by our fingernails until spring and trying to sell then, etc.). We have multiple friends who have space they'd be happy to rent us, but the problem is that the rent we'd be likely to get for the house (assuming we could find a rentor) still leaves us $700/mo under the mortgage payment, so having that on top of a rent puts us in almost as bad a budgetary spot as simply staying in the house.

It's a tough call, and right now there isn't any clear "best move," only lots and lots of "not great" ones. But we'll work it out.

The last bit of weekend was this morning's dream, in which I was 4/5 of the way to the airport when I discovered that I hadn't actually packed any clothes or things into my luggage, and so spent the next several hours trying to inform the airline that I wouldn't make my flight (because I had to go back and pack) and arrange to be on a later one, something that the airline was dead-set on going to ridiculous lengths to prevent from happening.

Note to myself: make sure your luggage has stuff in it before you leave for the airport. *nods*

Moodwise I've been very cheerful over the past several days. The shift towards fall-like weather, the impending career change, and fun times with my online pals have all been major factors in that. So yes, money may be a worry in the days ahead, but you know what? I'm still very pleased with how things are going for me right now.

-The Gneech
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