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  • Sun, 11:09: Very very true. // RT @GirlfriendNotes: Everybody has their limit
  • Sun, 11:14: I live in DC, politics is the air I breathe. So political talk tends to roll off my back.
  • Sun, 11:16: True. // RT @iStricer: Historically, the further away you are from the central government, the less concerned you are about it.
  • Sun, 11:16: That's not talk! *ducks* // RT @FernandoNanuk: *Throws elephants and donkeys at ye*
  • Sun, 11:17: *politically ducks!* (See also previous tweet.) // RT @Inkblitzer: So like a political duck!
  • Sun, 11:18: Obamacare isn't the best solution, largely because certain parties in DC are invested in keeping the problem a problem. (1/2)
  • Sun, 11:19: But for tons of people it's way better than the "major health problem = bankruptcy" system they have now. (2/2)
  • Sun, 11:27: Anyhoo, that's enough of all this for me right now. Those groceries ain't gonna go get themselves!
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