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So, How ‘Bout Those Commissions, Anyway?

Update: The guaranteed-in-October slots are filled! Commissions are still open, and I’ll get to them as quickly as possible, but there may be a wait.

I did say they’d open today, didn’t I? Sorry about that, my day was knocked all sideways by unexpected potential buyers coming to look at my house, then dealing with fallout from events in the news and… gah. It was a weaksauce start to my new job. ;P

Anyway! I still have a few minutes before midnight, so here we go!

October Commissions Now Officially Open!

I’ll open five slots that are guaranteed to be finished in October, on a first-come first-served basis (based on comment/e-mail timestamp). Requests beyond those five will still be taken, but are not guaranteed to be done in October. (I will if I can, but make no promises.)

The price will be $35 – $55 for most requests, although it might go up sharply for real crazy stuff, animation, or a ton of characters. As always, top rating is roughly PG-13. I take Paypal or check and I’m willing to negotiate for other modes of payment. E-mail me at or comment to make your request. Please do NOT use direct messages through LiveJournal, FurAffinity, or DeviantArt.

Thank you!

-The Gneech

October Commissions

  1. Spiritwolf– Digital character portrait (previously reserved)
  2. Redliox– Comic
  3. Huskyteer– TBD
  4. Dewhitton– TBD
  5. Kamau– TBD
  6. PunkTiger– TBD

Non-Guaranteed Commissions

  1. Blacktigr

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