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It Was a Happy Birthday, Actually. Thanks! ^.^

Yesterday was my fifth consecutive 39th birthday, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. laurie_robey and I wandered about a very nice little art show at Lake Anne, then had dinner on an in-laws-supplied gift card. From there, we went over to Best Buy, where I was given my birthday present-- a laptop very much like the one in my avatar here, which I have been given specifically for the purpose of taking to Starbucks and writing on. All I need is a heavy-rimmed pair of glasses, and my journey to Hipster will be complete! ;D I'll have to remember to drink my mochas before they're cool.

Anyway! The last time I had a Mac as a serious working machine was c. 1998, and I was always a bit awkward on it then. These days the OS is even more opaque and not-telling-you-anythingey, so I'm sort of fumbling my way through ("Why do some installers just install, and others put a thing on your desktop? Why does the icon on the dock turn into a giant question mark if you try to get the thing off your desktop? How do I view the other computers on the network? AND WHAT ABOUT SCARECROW'S BRAIN???"), but I should be able to pick it up fairly quickly. And if I can't, well, I know a few Macheads who can probably steer me right.

In any case, having bought this thing while funds are tight, I am now obligated to go write some books on it! Which I will do, promise. ;) Laurie and I are operating pretty much on faith at the moment that she will get paid eventually, and resumes are going out either way. As the man once said, "Trust in Allah-- but tie up your camel."

My other major present was that I got mention-bombed by the #TwitterPonies. :D If you've never had Pinkie Pie herself serenade you for your birthday, take it from me it's a fun experience! ;)

KITTEN UPDATE: Inkyboy got his paw smooshed in the dishwasher door last night, which made for some worry. He was limping and favoring it all night, not to mention not wanting to do anything but cuddle up for comfort, so we were very worried that it might be a serious injury. This morning, however, he appears to be pretty much recovered, running around and playing normally, only limping on it every once in a while. We will mention it to the vet when we go back for the second round of distemper shots on Wednesday.

-The Gneech
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