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  • Wed, 12:06: Hmm... nah. // RT @tobiasgies: rename her to Pinkie Girl then? *badumtss*
  • Wed, 12:09: AppleJack is not putting up with any of this.
  • Wed, 12:33: "Luna Eclipsed" is a great episode. Just sayin'.
  • Wed, 12:41: RT @DrBlinkShrink: There are now eight hundred new super villains called Doctor Debt Ceiling.
  • Wed, 12:45: Kitten update: Just spoke to vet's office. Fluffs has been re-named "George," although they call him "Georgie."
  • Wed, 13:11: Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain. Why is he climbing the mountain?
  • Wed, 13:12: Just watch it! :D // RT @Inkblitzer: Something something Captain Kirk something something inuendo.
  • Wed, 13:33: o/` I'm just a bill! Yes I'm only a bill! And I'm sittin' here on Capitol Hill! o/`
  • Wed, 13:33: o/` Well it's a long, long way to the Capitol city... it's a long, long wait, while I'm sittin' in committee... o/`
  • Wed, 13:34: o/` But if they sign me, then I'll be a laaaaaaaaaaw! Oh how I hope and pray that they will, but today I am still "just a bill." o/`
  • Wed, 17:28: Livestream done for now. Thanks for watching, those what did!
  • Wed, 20:37: Toy Story of Terror was good! Man, I've missed Halloween Specials. :)
  • Wed, 23:01: Well THAT pointless and ugly internecene fight is done, for now. But at least folks will be able to go back to work.
  • Wed, 23:02: I gotta wonder if folks like McCain feel like a parent rolling their eyes and dragging their screaming kid out of the restaurant.
  • Wed, 23:06: Ah well. That was the day that was. Gnite world, and have an awesome tomorrow.
  • Wed, 23:17: Hastert's principle is "secure enough votes to pass before bringing a bill to the floor" not "only vote on what the maj. party likes."
  • Wed, 23:22: "The Hastert Rule" subverts the democratic process by distorting what can be voted on, and by whom. It's also not a real rule.
  • Wed, 23:26: Anyway, that's enough for tonight. Gnite, I mean it this time. :)
  • Thu, 09:25: Have You Ever Been Rickroll'd in Klingon?
  • Thu, 10:07: RT @JimZub: .@blambot has posted fantastic comic script format advice. I may have to adjust my style a bit with the best parts:
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