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  • Mon, 12:15: That's been my morning, pretty much. // RT @exatron: @iStricer YipYipYipYip Brrrriinnng!
  • Mon, 12:22: I'm sure it says something about me as a writer that watching the Sesame St. Martians makes me speculate about the nature of their society.
  • Mon, 12:24: They're obviously curious and inquisitive; they also like to reach consensus before taking action. "Cow? Cow. Yip, yip, yip!"
  • Mon, 12:25: They're doing their best to operate in an alien language, hence the broken sentences. And they're quite brave.
  • Mon, 12:26: Easily startled by loud noises, yes, but who isn't?
  • Mon, 12:26: But they fearlessly approach telephones, clocks, electric fans, whatever, without thinking, "Will this attack me?" They just want to study!
  • Mon, 12:27: Those little guys are scientific heroes!
  • Mon, 12:27: They use the scientific method, too-- observe, hypothesize, test. It's pretty sophisticated, actually. :)
  • Mon, 12:31: RT @feministallies: Great comic, but the title is the best part. “You Know Who Else Closed Parks…” by @MattBors
  • Mon, 12:32: RT @DoctorPug: dont feel sick feel a me!! im soft lol woof
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