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  • Mon, 12:43: Okay, everyone out of the poo. ...POOL! Everyone out of the POOL... gah, dammit.
  • Mon, 13:42: "How's my mom?" "It's her liver, Johnny." "What's wrong with it?" "We can't find it." #JohnnyDangerously
  • Mon, 14:54: Still learning how to Mac. Can't tell if the random "Ding dong!" is from the OS or from Trillian.
  • Mon, 15:03: Kitten Update: Someone wants to adopt Sweetums and Inkyboy!
  • Mon, 15:04: This is a co-worker of @laurierobey's and former co-worker of mine, so we're confident it would be a good home. :)
  • Mon, 15:09: The kittens are tentatively scheduled to go to their new home Saturday-- gonna have to get in all the lovin' we can before then!
  • Mon, 21:12: Okay, enough goofing off. Let's see if I can bang out another 600-1000 words tonight.
  • Mon, 23:01: 2,694 words written today. I'd say that was good progress. But now… SLEEP.
  • Mon, 23:01: Gnite world, and have an awesome tomorrow. :)
  • Mon, 23:11: RT @Wolferfly: Please RT for visibility (furry or not)! I am doing a survey on the fandom's attitudes towards race/gender/sexuality! http:/…
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