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My Convention Schedule

A conversation on Twitter got me to thinking about this a bit, so I figured I'd go ahead and post this while it's on my mind (and while my novel refuses to go anywhere).

Once upon a time, conventions were what I wanted to spend every weekend doing; this year has been quite dry for conventions; life has just been too up-in-my-facey for them. In the upcoming year, I'd like to find a bit more balance between flood or famine. So here's my current plan, in chronological order:

  • Fur the 'More (definite) -- March 14-16, Baltimore MD. Furry con, theme "Ninjas vs. Pirates." GOH... me! (Eep!) Well, one of them, anyhow. The awesome RedCoatCat is also GOH. :)

  • Anthrocon (definite) -- July 3-6, Pittsburgh PA. Furry con, theme "Secret Societies."

  • InterventionCon (definite) -- August 22-24, Rockville MD. Artists and creators convention, no theme (that I know of).

  • Dragon*Con (tentative) -- August 29-September 1, Atlanta GA. SF/Fantasy/Comics con, no theme (that I know of). This one will be subject to budget, as it's not a "working" con for me. This year we might actually be able to drive it.

  • FurFright (definite) -- October 1-November 2, Cromwell CT. Furry con, Halloween themed.

  • MidWest Furfest (probable) -- November (date not announced yet), Rosemont (Chicago) IL, theme not announced yet (as this year's hasn't even happened yet). I expect to be at this one, but we're a long way out yet.

I would like to hit some kind of an east coast or mid-atlantic con in late January, but right now I don't know of one. Further Confusion sorta dominates the furry world in that slot, but it's in California and I really don't want to go out there for it this year. (I love ya, California peeps, I really do. But that flight kills me, and with Kerry gone, the Bay Area will be full of sads for me for a while.)

Anyway! That's the current schedule. Updates as events warrant.

-The Gneech
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