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The Opposite of Meh is SQUEE

So, it's the weirdest thing. Just last, what, Thursday? I was posting about how such much fandom stuff was failing to please, a situation that left me dispirited and downhearted.

What a difference a weekend makes!

This weekend was a pretty serious trifecta of fandom awesomeness. In chronological order, there was the MLP:FIM season four opener, Day of the Doctor (the 50th anniversary special), and the 25th anniversary of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Let's take each of these one by one, shall we? BE WARNED: Ahead be spoilers.

Princess Twilight Sparkle

Those who've heard my grumblings on the subject know that I have felt a certain anxious dismay about the state of MLP:FIM. Season three was like all the things I didn't like about season two turned up a notch, and if I had a TARDIS I would go back and undo Equestria Girls all together on the grounds that it actively harms those rare and hard-to-find qualities that make the show good.

So I admit it, I was fooled by the preview leak that showed "the return of Nightmare Moon." I was disgusted the show I was so fond of would turn to such a weak, phone-it-in sort of plot development; but after EQG I had no reason to expect better. I don't mind telling you, I watched the episode wearily, just waiting for the suck to show up.

But it didn't. O.o

What we got was an exploration of the show's backstory, digging deep into the implications of what Lauren Faust set up, as well as an intelligent contextualization and treatment of the ramifications earlier events. Princess Celestia finally happy for the Summer Sun Celebration-- "No longer to commemorate of the defeat of Nightmare Moon, but now to celebrate the return of my sister!" YES. "Discord's reformed, but he's not that reformed. He's just trying to get under your skin!" YES. "How will we keep Discord in line without the Elements of Harmony?" YES.

Mind you, I'm still not pleased that they made Twilight a princess. Yes, I think it was clearly going to be her destiny from the beginning, but it was waaaay too early to go there. However, that decision has been made, so the only thing that can be done now is to do the best that can be done with it. And for this episode, at least, they did a good job. :)

Day of the Doctor

Wow. Where to begin? SO DAMN GOOD.

I think I pretty much said everything I had to say about it last night on Twitter, so I'll just repeat that here:

So... Day Of the Doctor was AWESOME. O.o OMG #SaveTheDay #DoctorWho

It's like Moffat went back and patched all the holes caused by the series reboot,
and sewed it all up beautifully.

We got McGann's regeneration, we got the story of the Time War, and we got
redemption (of sorts) for Gallifrey.

Eccleston's Doc was right for the reboot, but for Old Guard there were bumps.

And I understand why Davies made the choices he did; resurrecting Doctor Who
was a big task. Bumps had to happen.

But now it all really is a single, more-or-less cohesive narrative. Or at least,
as much as it ever was. ;)

I also love that Docs 5, 6, and 7, even tho they aren't directly in the special,
got something to do:

Minor niggles: I would have liked to have seen Romana on Gallifrey, and to know
whatever happened to Susan.

And now, on to the Christmas special, in which the Doctor dies. Again. I'll miss
you, Doctor Matt! You are tied with Doctor Tom for my fave.

Still, Doctor Capaldi is going to be amazing. O.o

So... yeah. Still awesome. Still geeking out about it.

(Aaaand... that's it for the spoilers.)

Mystery Science Theater 3000

The actual tic of the specific calendar day going by is not that significant, although it was nice seeing Joel et al. being congratulated and thanked all over Twitter last night. But what is significant is that 25 years on, this silly little show is still so important to so many people. Also significant is that on Thursday, even without a network to show it on, there will be the first Mystery Science Theater Turkey Day Marathon in (mumble) years, c/o

I had been planning to just pop in my MST3K DVDs all day and have our own little version here at The Hobbit Hole, but having Joel hosting one on the web? SO MUCH COOLER.

Happy, Happy Geek

So here I am, just a few days after bemoaning the fact that stuff was failing to make me geek out, geeking out. And I couldn't be more pleased or grateful. I am now going to take all this burning geeky energy and pour it into my NaNoWriMo novel, which still needs 10,000 words before Saturday to be finished. I didn't write on it at all yesterday, but you know what? I seriously needed the recharge, and I got a great one.

Thanks, MLP. Thanks, Doctor! Thanks, MST. You rock. Awwwww, yeah!

-The Gneech
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