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  • Sun, 16:42: I've been running errands since 6:00 a.m. and not got any writing done ...and now, I'm going to watch the #DoctorWho 50th. #NotWriting
  • Sun, 16:42: Tomorrow will be some serious catch-up time!
  • Sun, 20:31: So... Day Of the Doctor was AWESOME. O.o OMG #SaveTheDay #DoctorWho
  • Sun, 20:32: I know it probably sounds awful, but it's so incredibly nice to not be disappointed by something. O.o
  • Sun, 20:33: MLP:FIM and Doctor Who both, you have made my inner geek very happy this weekend. Thank you. :)
  • Sun, 20:45: re: #DoctorWho, it's like Moffat went back and patched all the holes caused by the series reboot, and sewed it all up beautifully.
  • Sun, 20:47: We got McGann's regeneration, we got the story of the Time War, and we got redemption (of sorts) for Gallifrey.
  • Sun, 20:51: I also love that Docs 5, 6, and 7, even tho they aren't directly in the special, got something to do:
  • Sun, 20:54: Minor niggles: I would have liked to have seen Romana on Gallifrey, and to know whatever happened to Susan.
  • Sun, 20:56: And now, on to the Christmas special, in which the Doctor dies. Again. I'll miss you, Doctor Matt! You are tied with Doctor Tom for my fave.
  • Sun, 20:57: Still, Doctor Capaldi is going to be amazing. O.o
  • Sun, 21:01: Anyway! That's all for now. I'm just super-happy and geeking out about it all. I hope I didn't spoil anything that the previews didn't.
  • Sun, 21:04: RT @marqjer: @JoelGHodgson happy 25th anniversary MST3K! Best show ever. In your honor the kids and I reprise Patrick Swayze Xmas at family…
  • Sun, 21:08: So, yeah, I got absolutely zero writing done today, but I am super jazzed up and will probably burn through wordcount like a mofo tomorrow.
  • Sun, 21:09: Basically, I really needed this weekend. :D
  • Sun, 21:24: Anyhow! Got up at oh-dark-thirty this morning to take @hantamouse to the airport, so it's been a long-honkin' day. *thud*
  • Sun, 21:24: Gnite world, and have an awesome tomorrow. I know I plan to!
  • Mon, 08:22: RT @MicroSFF: Having two genders led to strife, but we could engineer that away. Race was next. But now that everyone is an Asian woman, we…
  • Mon, 08:32: RT @treehat: John Hurt gets a job in retail: “Hey, do you have any iPhones in stock?” “…NO MORE.”
  • Mon, 08:36: RT @wordfey: My cousin, the librarian: "We are having insane Black Friday deals at my job!!! Everything in the store is FREE!! Heeheehee"
  • Mon, 09:45: Right up there with "You Can Do Magic," "Abracadabra," and "Ghost Town." *nods* // RT @Freightaur: Ghostbusters playlist?
  • Mon, 09:47: I hate those two! Too? //RT @djh85: This has been your 9:30 Grammarian Gripe. Tune in again at 4:30 for "literally" and "figuratively".
  • Mon, 09:48: RT @tordotcom: No! No one EVER made them like this! 7 little-known facts about GHOSTBUSTERS.
  • Mon, 10:08: RT @mlp_Celestia: *endures her plate of muffin bottoms* *so that her subjects can enjoy delicious muffin tops, she eats the muffin bottoms*…
  • Mon, 10:08: Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Princess @mlp_Celestia is awesome.
  • Mon, 10:11: Pondering the difference between conrete use of detail, and product placement. Brought to you by Sears.
  • Mon, 10:54: I could douse that stupid counter in oil and light in on fire, #Dasher would still be like "Ow! This hurt! Me jump up here anyway. Ow, ow!"
  • Mon, 10:55: #Dasher: "Now all me hair gone and me suffer third degree burns. It totally worth it to be on counter."
  • Mon, 10:57: And yes, #Dasher is pretty much Mongo from Blazing Saddles, in cat form.
  • Mon, 11:17: So, the Seatbelts' "Ask DNA" from Cowboy Bebop is basically Art Jerry Miller's "Finger Lickin' Good" with lyrics? #NowYouKnow
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