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  • Wed, 12:23: ARGH. Stuck at 47,860 words. Tried to add some follow-up scenes, but they don’t actually do anything but fill wordcount. Ugh.
  • Wed, 12:25: I’m gonna have to pull out Dramatica Pro or start doing some story dissection or something. This story needs a good sub-plot to beef it up.
  • Wed, 12:29: I’ve got all of those! // RT @salenstormwing: An epilogue can help. Or a prologue. Or an EPIPROLOGUE!
  • Wed, 12:40: Bah, I’m tearing this do-nothing scene out. If I’m gonna be below wordcount, I’m gonna be honestly below wordcount. :P
  • Wed, 14:08: RT @GeorgeTakei: Guilty.
  • Wed, 14:51: RT @bengoodridge: @the_gneech Add a wacky sidekick. Kids dig a wacky sidekick. Then kill him off and reintroduce your protagonist as darker…
  • Wed, 14:58: Hmm. I feel some rewrites coming on. But this is a good thing.
  • Wed, 16:13: Your #InkyGirl pic of the day.
  • Wed, 17:08: *flails!*
  • Wed, 19:51: Missing Kerry tonight. She was always online at weird times and up for a chat.
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