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  • Thu, 13:33: #InkyGirl rides again!
  • Thu, 14:20: Things stinkier than what #Dasher did in the upstairs litterbox: 1) What he did in the downstairs litterbox. 2) Nothing.
  • Thu, 14:24: Whoa, my life exactly! //RT @RizzoRattie: its as if people know when Ive just started drawing. Queue the phone just going off non stop now
  • Thu, 14:35: Ummm… TweetDeck? Is there some reason you’re not letting me schedule a tweet for a date other than today?
  • Thu, 17:49: RT @KidFury: I'm not sad. Nelson Mandela was 95 and pretty much a badass revolutionary. I'm more grateful for him than anything.
  • Thu, 21:58: Spent the day reconfiguring my studio w/ the help of Sirfox and @LaurieRobey. Carpets are gone (allergist recommended) and new desk in.
  • Thu, 22:02: The new desk in question was bought for my mom, but she never used it. Well I will!
  • Fri, 08:38: "I realize it's purely a matter of taste, but YOU ARE SO DAMN WRONG!" #ThingsIWantToSayButDont #Usually
  • Fri, 09:08: In other news, apparently Space Dandy is a dandy guy in the space. *nods*
  • Fri, 10:00: RT @mangastudio: What's better than Manga Studio for $24.99? How about Manga Studio, Poser MotionArtist AND ScatterShow for $49.99! http://…
  • Fri, 11:29: Anyway, that totally worked, @Inkblitzer. The character objected to being called “Sir Robert” so much that he finally picked a name. Thanks!
  • Fri, 11:31: Sir Nicholas. Not sure why that’s better, but hey. // RT @Inkblitzer: You're welcome! ... I think. So what'd he decide on?
  • Fri, 11:41: .@laurierobey has made me some chicken rice soup and a grilled cheese sandwich to munch on while I write. It seriously don't get better. :)
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