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Some Random Morning Thoughts

Random Thought the First: I had a funny idea for a Fictionlet, but a) The original gag was somebody else's whom I don't know, and b) it's kinda raunchy, even for Brigid's ribald sensibilities. So I think I'm going to pass. I will say it involved a Toy Story fanfic in which adult toys also came to life.

Random Thought the Second: I think I need to go back to the Sketch-A-Day project I used to do way back when. My art skills are getting a bit rusty, and if I'm going to charge people for commissions, I really should be in good form. Also, there are aspects to my style I've always been dissatisfied with, and I really think that now's the time to change them. I'm getting to the stage where my hand tremors are going to make it harder and harder to draw at all, much less draw what I want to draw, so I need to fix these stupid style holes and do what art I can, while I still can.

Random Thought the Third: Gonna go see the second Hobbit movie today. While I have nothing but affection for Sylvester McCoy, I hope there's way less "Radagast the Ridiculous" in this one. :P I also keep holding out for elves that actually sing, 'cos, y'know, it's TOLKIEN AND THE ELVES SHOULD BE SINGING DAMMIT. But I can't say I've got much hope there.

-The Gneech

PS: No, really, in Tolkien, that's how the world is made. Just about everything important that happens in Middle-Earth, happens because elves are singing about it. C'mon, Peter, I know you've read The Silmarillion!
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