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  • Wed, 11:00: RT @hughhowey: If you love @NaNoWriMo, a vote for Project for Awesome can really help them with their funds!
  • Wed, 11:03: RT @Ihnatko: .@eejay The Mac Pro is like a ferret. I don't want the expense of owning one & it wouldn't fit in my life. But I want a friend…
  • Wed, 11:16: RT @HorzaEdeo: Dear media on the internet. When I'm confronted with sign up now box stopping me reading your article, I want to punch thing…
  • Wed, 11:40: RT @StayPuft: Considering 2014 is the 30th anniversary. 2014 will now be known as The Year Of Ghostbusters.
  • Wed, 11:43: The Arclight Advtrs and One Way to Coventry websites have been redirected to, those projects are officially canceled.
  • Wed, 11:44: Maybe someday I'll get a chance to revive them, but it's not going to be soon. Oh well! On to new projects. :)
  • Wed, 11:53: RT @Slypenslyde: All of these condiments are yours, except salsa. Attempt no openings.
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