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John "The Gneech" Robey

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  • Sat, 23:00: A long day, but a productive one. Now, I go to bed! Gnite world, and have an awesome tomorlak;jdsfljk; lasdf
  • Sun, 07:57: Kero, Kero, Kero! Let us march forward! It's to invade the Earth!
  • Sun, 07:57: Ke Kero Kero, I'd bring an umbrella, but it's always sunny, it never rains!
  • Sun, 07:58: ATTENSHUN! All eyes on me! I forgot to cook rich for the curry. -.-
  • Sun, 07:59: I caught my foot in the closing door. When I got off I found I was in the wrong place! Dinner is so much cheaper when you just buy take-out.
  • Sun, 08:00: Kero Kero Kero! Let's all shout loudly, to gain a victory for our planet!
  • Sun, 08:00: Ke Kero Kero, I rushed to get the phone, but it turned out to be somebody's fax machine.
  • Sun, 08:01: From now on it is the Age of Keroro! Sweep square rooms in circles, it's the only way to go!
  • Sun, 08:02: Water, sweat, and tears! When buying toothpaste always get strawberry.
  • Sun, 08:03: Keron will rule the universe, maybe? Five minutes from the station? It actually took fifteen!
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