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Cameo Charity Auction: Be In 1st Issue of New SJ!

As you probably know, Stan Sakai, a hugely important figure in furry literature and a super-nice guy, is undergoing some really rough times. To try and help out a bit, I am auctioning off a total of ten cameo slots in a large action scene splash page of the new Suburban Jungle comic!

Basically, leave your comment here with your bid, or send me an e-mail to if you’d prefer to keep it private. The auction will run until Friday midnight (EST), and the top 10 highest bidders will have their characters in the scene enjoying a moment of mayhem. Any paying bid of $20 or more will get a signed print copy of the comic in the mail, regardless of whether you win a cameo spot or not.

I will do my best to update the bidding list in this post on a daily basis, and announce the winners on Saturday.

Please help me support this cause! And please spread the word. :)

Update! Bids As Of Friday Noon

  1. KarmaKat ($200)
  2. LionKingCMSL ($150)
  3. ANON–”Rocker” ($100)
  4. Kitana ($100)
  5. MaxFuchsCajote ($100)
  6. Kyyanno ($100)
  7. Dewhitton ($100)
  8. Exatron ($75)
  9. ANON–”Flower Pony” ($75)
  10. Rowyn ($50)

NOTE: Alas, some bidders have been bumped from the list! They can always rebid a higher amount if desired, but the auction closes at midnight, so you’d better hurry! :)

-The Gneech

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