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  • Tue, 15:07: I gather the original was better than the American release, similar to CardCaptor Sakura-- which I watched the HECK out of.
  • Tue, 15:08: Entire 700-billion episode series subtitled and two? Three? Movies. <3 CardCaptor Sakura. Wish there was a decent dub of it.
  • Tue, 15:10: I am quite interested in the new Sailor Moon series, tho. Hoping for great things!
  • Tue, 15:20: ...except time and attention span! //RT @JoeMoose517: *gasp!* How could you! *shrugs* Nothing stopping you now. :D
  • Tue, 15:35: Net result of all this anime talk? I'm going back and redrawing Charity's eyes on every page to make them bigger. #AmDrawing #GneCoDraMo
  • Tue, 15:40: Netflix doesn't have it. :P //RT @SeiferA: Gneech still needs to watch Nisekoi
  • Tue, 16:00: RT @tordotcom: The highest-grossing animated film EVER is now about a woman realizing thanks, she's got this.
  • Tue, 16:10: Bigger eyes! BIGGER! Make those eyes pony-sized, Gneech! You can do it! #AmDrawing #GneCoDraMo #BigOlAnimeEyesFTW
  • Tue, 16:43: Who needs limbs? Just a tiny squishy ball w/ huge eyes! /RT @exatron: At this rate, Charity will be nothing but a pair of eyes with limbs.
  • Tue, 16:53: Big-eyed Charity is best cheeger. #AmDrawing #GneCoDraMo
  • Tue, 21:21: Layouts done through p 22, pencils through p 11. Callin' it a night. #AmDrawing #GneCoDraMo
  • Tue, 21:21: I'm feeling much better now about my chances of finishing on time than I was over the weekend! ^.^ #AmDrawing #GneCoDraMo
  • Tue, 21:21: RT @douglasbot: When you realise the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, were actually tortoises, it changes everything. Your life is a lie. #ver
  • Tue, 21:22: RT @kairyssdal: Obligatory reminder on mention of stock prices: The Dow is not the Economy and the Economy is not the Dow. Thank you very m…
  • Tue, 21:23: And now to go play some #LotRO and avoid the internet! ;) Gnite tweeps, have an awesome tomorrow!
  • Tue, 21:23: *Goes, goes, goes!* //RT @GoatSocks: Go go go!
  • Wed, 01:59: Okay, I need an MP3 of this one. O.o //RT @Omegatani: Japanese Pinkie Pie:
  • Wed, 02:20: Good night, my crisp and lovely tweeps! Hug a friend for me. :)
  • Wed, 09:35: I stayed up late! But now I'm wide awake and I feel awesome! ...I'm guessing I will faceplant at around 3:30. �.�
  • Wed, 09:36: Also, we got a dusting of snow sometime this morning but now the sky is a beautiful bright blue. Go fig. Good morning world, anyway. :)
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