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John "The Gneech" Robey

In Which Lachwen's Crafting is Screwed Up

Last time I played Lachwen I decided that as I was re-learning the class it would be a good time to backfill some of the stuff she skipped, especially in Mirkwood, given that she did once have a character story that specifically involved being in Mirkwood for a reason-- and the Mirkwood quests, while still well below level, are still green to her and therefore worth some XP.

Today, sneaking in a few minutes of LotRO on my lunch break, I foolishly tried to level up some of her crafting skills-- only to discover that she had never gained mastery two tiers back, and therefore will not be able to gain mastery for her current tier either and will be throwing away craft XP if she makes guild rep items. Of course, the tier she's missing? Angmar.

Siiiiigh. WHY does this game keep trying to force me to go to Angmar? -.- Does it WANT to give me headaches?

Well, I have to finish off the Book I epic line with her anyway, and she does have a lot of junk cluttering up her quest log. When I was first playing her I was trying to get her to the level cap for the Enedwaith release over the course of a month, so whenever she out-leveled a zone, she simply abandoned it. So to start cleaning things up, I pulled out the lowest level solo quest I still had, and pointed her at it.

Turns out it's in Forochel, so there's a possibility that she might find the right level mats there, too, so that's where she is now. Gonna grind up some deeds too while I'm at it (Hooray for deed accelerator tomes!) and just get the whole zone banged out. Shouldn't take very long, but it also means she'll be sitting on level 71 for that much longer as everything there is gray to her. Then it's off to Angmar to finish off Book I and collect whatever other mats she still needs.

Rufaniel, on the other hand, continues to slosh around in the Waterworks of Moria. My favorite zone down there, so I'm not really in a hurry to leave, but I think Ruf herself is probably getting pretty tired of the smell.

-The Gneech
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