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  • Wed, 17:19: I don't wanna say it's cold in this house, but the cats are all perched on top of the freezer for warmth. >.>
  • Wed, 17:26: RT @UrsulaV: Oh, it's so lovely that a Republican lawmaker is telling me that he thinks the glass is half full for women. Gee, that changes…
  • Thu, 00:10: Some LotRO Screenies, And That Creative Itch
  • Thu, 00:50: Lachwen's body language just screams, "Really?" at me.
  • Thu, 09:22: So, show of hands, who here likes to move it, move it?
  • Thu, 09:24: *points at one guy way in the back* You? Really? You're the only one here who likes to move it, move it?
  • Thu, 09:25: Man, no wonder my Twitter Dance Party idea never took off.
  • Thu, 09:48: *pokes Tweetdeck* *pokes it again* *Tweetdeck falls over* GAAASP! It's been MURDERED!
  • Thu, 09:48: *dramatic chipmunk*
  • Thu, 09:52: I want someone to develop Anti-Norton-Anti-Virus. It's an app that prevents Norton from stealth download-and-installing in other apps.
  • Thu, 09:53: Really, Norton Anti-Virus needs to take the "Anti" out of its name, because it IS a virus as far as I can tell.
  • Thu, 10:01: We need a new term for software that tries to trick you into installing it like Norton Anti-Virus does.
  • Thu, 10:36: RT @Skyliting: @the_gneech trickware? Scamware? Exploitware?
  • Thu, 10:52: RT @DainUnicorn: @the_gneech shillware? Scamware? Of course a program that 'comes along for the ride' sounds like remoraware but doesn't 'T…
  • Thu, 10:54: *tries to RT someone* "You cannot retweet your own tweet." Uh, Tweetdeck? Are you feeling okay?
  • Thu, 10:59: Not that Adobe is just as much to blame here as Norton is. They're Partners in Skeeviness.
  • Thu, 11:00: "Opt out" is a predatory business practice. Or governmental practice. Or any kind of practice.
  • Thu, 11:08: I rarely go to bars, never been in show biz, and don't like to go to the beach. I am uniquely qualified to write Suburban Jungle.
  • Thu, 11:30: RT @brianblackberry: Rarity Fu; just because I remember that scene with her attacking AJ over "Tom". Shading & show style is a weird combo …
  • Thu, 11:34: RT @MichaelPeppard: Me: "By your age, Alexander the Great had conquered most of the world." Student: "He had Aristotle as a teacher. We jus…
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