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John "The Gneech" Robey

Issue 1 Cameo Charity Auction Final

Bidding is closed! Thank you very much to everyone who participated! You are all made of awesome! :)

The final results:

  1. KarmaKat ($200)
  2. LionKingCMSL ($150)
  3. Kiara ($125)
  4. ANON–”Rocker” ($100)
  5. Kitana ($100)
  6. MaxFuchsCajote ($100)
  7. Kyyanno ($100)
  8. Dewhitton ($100)
  9. Exatron ($75)
  10. ANON–”Flower Pony” ($75)

Total: $1,125 Awwww, yeah!

I will contact you all privately to get details of your character. You may make your payment via Paypal; I also accept credit cards via Square if you’d like to e-mail me ( and we’ll take care of the transaction that way. I will need your mailing address to send you your signed issue! Please make your payment and send me your character info by February 7th at the latest or your cameo will not make it into the comic.

If you’d prefer to donate to the Stan Sakai fundraiser directly, you can do that here. Please forward me a copy of your payment acknowledgement so I can note it in my records.

Those who did not get in are under no obligation, but if you would like to contribute to helping Stan, you’re more than welcome to go ahead and send your bid anyway! Everyone bid at least $20, so you’re all eligible to get a signed #1.


-The Gneech

DISCLOSURE: I will deduct the cost of printing/shipping the comic and withhold a bit for taxes from your donation before I forward it on. The amount deducted will be no greater than $10 per donation, and less if I can swing it.

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