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In Which Things Move In the Right Direction

I haven't been posting much about all the stuff going on at the moment, largely because I've been too busy dealing with it to have time to write about it. But yesterday we reached a big, big milestone and I really feel like I should carve out a few minutes to document it.

So yesterday, courtesy of 1-800-GOT-JUNK, who did a great job, almost aaaaalllll of the tons and tons of STUFF in my mom's house is outa there. We had a cleaning service come in and scrub the place down, and it now looks nicer than it has in seven years. Furthermore, all the runaround the settlement company was giving me ("It has two mortgages!" "The mortgage company says it's only one." "They need to send us a document about that!" "They say you've got all the documents." "They need to send us a document showing we have all the documents!" *slap, slap, slap, slap*) was resolved by virtue of the idiot I've been dealing with being on vacation this week and a competent person being put on the case!

Mom has signed the transitional deed; on Wednesday the last of the junk will go; on Thursday I will sign a few pieces of paper and hand over the keys, and a huge albatross will finally be gone from my neck.

There are still plenty of other albatrosses there, including getting mom home from the rehab place and selling our own house before we go bankrupt, but this is still a huge relief. The sale should cover the cost of mom's housing for the foreseeable future, and what's actually even more of a relief, laurie_robey and I don't have to keep going over there to check the mail and make sure the place hasn't been broken into or burned down when we weren't looking.

It was something of a psychological wrench for me on Friday, seeing the collected detritus of Mom's and Dad's lives being tossed into bins, and fighting back against the hoarding instinct they instilled in me as a child to go "No! That must be saved! THAT must be saved! IT ALL MUST BE SAVED!" I'd been having unhappy dreams and stressful days about it for a while, and Friday was like finally tearing off the bandage. But yesterday, when the truck finally drove off and I saw the empty, clean house, was like stepping out into the bright light of the first day of spring.

Now, to start moving forward. :)

-The Gneech
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