John "The Gneech" Robey (the_gneech) wrote,
John "The Gneech" Robey

March Forth! Er, Thirdth?

Another new month has begun, and today, even moreso than new year's day, seems like a fine day for reflection and looking ahead, because so many important milestones have been reached!

As of this morning, the following things are true, which were not at the beginning of last month:

  • The new Suburban Jungle comic has launched!

  • My mother's house has sold and all is settled there.

  • My mother is back in her assisted living apartment from the rehab place after her latest fall, and aside from a cold, seems to be improving. She told us yesterday that she started eating again, which is a big relief, assuming she actually has. She was losing weight at a catastrophic pace in the rehab, and she doesn't have much weight to lose.

  • The sale of said house has freed up funds (and time and mental bandwidth) necessary to enable laurie_robey and I to get on with the business of selling our house and moving to a smaller, more affordable one that we can comfortably live in on her salary + what my writing/comics bring in.

In short, the last remaining 16-ton weights crushing me over the past year(s) have been slowly sliding off. This has left me in a somewhat twitchy state of "Last day of school and I haven't studied!" paranoia, wondering which 16-ton weight I'm forgetting because obviously I can't not have any and therefore a freight train must be bearing down on me from some blind spot.

But aside from this annoying bit of PTSD, things are actually going very well for me right now. It's still a work in progress, but the progress is working, so to speak! Everything seems to be moving in the right direction, and it's time to take that success and start building on it.

For work, my immediate priorities are to clear off the commissions plate from January (thank you for your patience, commissioners!) and finish off issue one of the new comic. Once those are done I will be pick up either my NaNoWriMo novel or another of the novels-in-progress and work on banging that out.

On the side, we've got to finish going through our stuff, disposing of what we don't want/need any more, and finding clever ways to hide the stuff we do want or need while doing touch-ups around the house.

So we've still got plenty to do! It's just not the huge piles of overwhelming stuff it has been.


-The Gneech
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