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  • Sun, 23:18: Intragroup politics, pfui. :P
  • Sun, 23:19: Gneech’s guide to a happy life: 1) Be slow to offend and slower to take offense.
  • Sun, 23:20: Gneech’s guide to a happy life: 2) If people want to be addressed a certain way, address them that way.
  • Sun, 23:20: Gneech’s guide to a happy life: 3) If someone wants people to join, and someone else wants to keep people out, go with the first group.
  • Sun, 23:21: Gneech’s guide to a happy life: 4) Try to live in such a way that people don’t cheer when they find out you’ve died.
  • Sun, 23:23: And with that, I’m calling it a night. Not sad to see the back of this week! But it’s also a weight off my shoulders.
  • Sun, 23:24: Starting tomorrow, back in the saddle as far as work goes, and hopefully as far as side stuff goes too. (Twitterponies, I’m lookin’ at you.)
  • Sun, 23:25: In the meantime, pick some not-me person you admire and let them know you admire them, and why. It might make their day. :)
  • Sun, 23:26: Good night, world, and have an awesome tomorrow. :)
  • Sun, 23:26: RT @OsakaJack: Fluttershy is right at home.
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