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  • Sun, 20:05: Saw “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” today, and it was very good. I gasped out loud when Robert Redford turned into The Red Skull.
  • Sun, 20:13: Mace Thrown-Out-the-Windu //RT @angille: I liked when Mace Windu used his lightsaber to escape, then hung out with the human torch.
  • Sun, 20:14: Right after Snape turned out to be Black Widow all along! //RT @Piravinth12: when did he turn into the Red Skull? :S...
  • Sun, 20:15: Um… hmm. Tough call. //RT @NEligahn: I've heard it was still a better Star Trek movie than JJTrek.
  • Sun, 20:28: At least I didn’t mention Falcon is Cap’s long-lost sister. /RT @graveyardgreg: I swear to Gawd, Gneech, if you've ruined a plot twist...
  • Sun, 20:29: A chicken pie? //RT @BirdCatOOC: hey Gneech. what is more crazier, a chicken, @mlp_Pinkie pie, or both
  • Sun, 20:30: See you in five minutes. *nods* //RT @graveyardgreg: That's it, I'm quitting the Internet until I come back!
  • Sun, 20:31: Still the pinkest. :) //RT @mlp_Pinkie: @BirdCatOOC BaKAWK!
  • Sun, 20:56: Sorry, who are you, again? //RT @graveyardgreg: I got distracted, but I'm back to the Internet!
  • Sun, 20:57: Pfeh. You hack! //RT @graveyardgreg: I'm the Gneech! I do a webcomic called the Class Menagerie!
  • Mon, 10:53: Okay, finished what I wanted to get done… last Thursday. ¬.¬ At least it got done. Time to shower etc.
  • Mon, 11:23: RT @Carnage4Life: "I think the problem with Windows 8 all along has been that nothing about it was driven by user need" #ouch
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