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  • Mon, 12:18: #InkyGirl is curled up next to a pair of my sneakers, snoozing away. It is adorbs.
  • Mon, 12:21: Well this is cooler than “Abe Lincoln, Vampire Slayer,” anyway. #GhostbustersFriday #CameEarly
  • Mon, 12:29: RT @pwSociety: Dear friends, FLUXX is available for FREE today only on iOS. Download and tell your friends! @wilw @GeekandSundry @tabletop
  • Mon, 13:34: I wanna play Ghostbusters: The Video Game II.
  • Mon, 13:34: Never gonna happen, of course; it was a miracle that G:TVG got made as it is.
  • Mon, 13:35: And really, not sure what they’d do besides go “etc., etc.” G:TVG is close to perfect.
  • Mon, 13:37: I’d go for that. //RT @SeiferA: I'd rather see more DLC missions for the originial game than a sequel honestly.
  • Mon, 13:37: “The Rookie” opening his franchise in Chicago would be a great direction to go that wouldn’t require original cast members.
  • Mon, 13:38: Maybe with guest appearances by Wm Atherton and Ernie Hudson.
  • Mon, 13:39: If Akroyd was willing, could have Ray there playing the mentor, a la Egon in “Extreme Ghostbusters."
  • Mon, 13:43: Having seen Ernie Hudson interacting w/ fans now, I see why he has the reputation he has. Loves the fans and is happy to be there.
  • Mon, 13:43: He’s also a big, big man. Almost exactly my height and made of muscle.
  • Mon, 13:44: Getting a little salt in his hair and some wrinkles ‘round the edges, but still vibrant and strong.
  • Mon, 13:54: RT @scattermoon: "Don't let a name like Castle Doomskull put you off, traveller. It's actually very cosy. Has wi-fi and air con. Perfect ge…
  • Mon, 13:58: Just when it hit me somebody turned around and said “Play that funky music, white boy!” I said, “Did you throw this at me?"
  • Mon, 14:22: I know they say it’s a poor artist who blames his tools, but I’m pretty sure my hands are deliberately trying to make me draw crap art.
  • Mon, 14:28: RT @TheKinkyTurtle: I coined a word: "three-ever". That's when something takes almost forever.
  • Mon, 14:43: …by repeating their name over and over, so it’s not really very useful. //RT @ccagraveheart: Every Pokémon tells a story.
  • Mon, 15:48: Oh yeah, I gotta draw an “Ask the Cast!” page for Friday, don’t I?
  • Mon, 15:52: RT @HerArtSheLoves: Laughing & crying at this, painfully true... RT @muskrat_john: Own It – It's a DORK TOWER MONDAY! New strip up at http:…
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