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Back to Work! ...Again. ¬.¬

So after leaving the hospital on Wednesday I spent the evening just chilling out (mostly via LotRO); yesterday was spent largely talking to a lawyer re: mom's estate and associated bureaucracy, and then chilling out (again, mostly via LotRO). So today, it's back to work. Again.

The good news is, this means that Suburban Jungle should continue without a hiccup. I really don't want there to be an outage now, I'm only five pages away from the end of the 1st issue and a break!

Basically SJ will be on hiatus from May 14 until June 2 so I can get the 1st issue to FurPlanet for printing and crank up production on the 2nd issue. I'm hoping to get ahead again too, for cryin' out loud-- SJ was not supposed to crowd out all of my other projects. It doesn't bring in enough income to justify it, for starters, and there are other books I want to write stacked up in the queue and poking me. But since I lost so much of February and March to the situation with my mom, I have been in a never-ending state of catch-up ever since. That has to change.

Anyway! I'll obviously never get things done if I sit around blogging about it, but I did want to stop and take a look at where things are. Now, to work!

-The Gneech
Tags: comics and art, suburban jungle, the business end, writing life
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