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  • Sun, 13:17: @chip_uni :)
  • Sun, 13:38: RT @JElvisWeinstein: I'd love to give a commencement address someday. Too bad I dropped out of college to make fun of movies with a gumball…
  • Sun, 16:47: Many things are broken about me at the moment; this coming week includes several doctors et al to try to fix ‘em.
  • Sun, 16:47: Counselor? Check. Heart specialist? Check. Sleep specialist? Check. Financial advisor? Check.
  • Sun, 16:48: Also need to make chiro appt, as back has been reaching catastrophic failure level over the past several days.
  • Sun, 16:48: Sadly, the net result of all these broken things is that tomorrow’s SJ page will be late after all. Le sigh!
  • Sun, 16:49: On the other hand, hopefully this means all these things will be on their way to being fixed soon. :)
  • Sun, 16:52: They sniffed me pretty thoroughly this morning. *nods* //RT @Inkblitzer: Don't forget an apointment with your cats for a full cat scan.
  • Sun, 20:59: RT @mlp_twilight: *looking around at the circle of thrones* Oh, I know what we’ll call this room! The Friend Zone.
  • Sun, 21:47: RT @SamuelLJackson: HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, All you Mothers!
  • Sun, 22:02: Feel much better tonight than I did last night. :) I might actually be able to sleep even. ;)
  • Sun, 22:02: How about we give it a test? ;) Gnite world, and have an awesome tomorrow. :)
  • Mon, 00:05: Health Problems, Back Soon!: Suburban Jungle
  • Mon, 07:16: Okay back, I don’t like you and you don’t like me— but if we’re gonna take this shower, we’ve got to work together. ARE YOU WITH ME?
  • Mon, 07:17: “One’s a Gneech. The other is the Gneech’s back. They fight crime! …Badly."
  • Mon, 07:50: RT @HarperCollinsCa: The title has been revealed for the new #Poirot book by @sophiehannahCB1! Find out here #Agatha
  • Mon, 08:12: RT @InterestingLit: ‘Pandiculation’ is the act of stretching and yawning as a sign of weariness; it is first recorded in a dictionary from …
  • Mon, 08:14: Old Gneech is old: I just ordered a custom-length cane. :P (Actually, it’s not age, I got this back injury when I was 31 yrs.)
  • Mon, 08:15: My plan is to start growing stubble, being grumpy, and making everyone think that I am House.
  • Mon, 08:24: Totally shoulda gone for the “sword in the shaft” option.
  • Mon, 08:50: The Eaworth Hytbold-dailies jumping quests. Because the @lotro devs hate you.
  • Mon, 09:43: Oh, Soarin. You’re such a boy scout. Ya big palooka. :)
  • Mon, 11:05: RT @TheThomason: I saw the best tweets of my generation posted at off-peak times, starving hysterical unfavorited, deleting themselves in t…
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