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  • Sun, 22:57: Okay. Sleep is needed. Hope my back will cooperate. Gnite world, have an awesome tomorrow. :)
  • Mon, 07:51: Any day in which I can walk when first getting out of bed, is a good day. #LoweredExpectations
  • Mon, 08:00: Today, I am gonna write. In fact, I’m writing right now. #amwriting
  • Mon, 08:19: #Buddha is not a young cat any more, so I treasure laptime. That said, my foot is falling asleep.
  • Mon, 09:14: RT @AlamoDC: Happy Birthday to Peter Mayhew. AKA the ultimate badass, Chewbacca!
  • Mon, 09:33: RT @TheMarySue: Monday Cute: Panda Conservation Center Has Job Opening; We Are Serious, Quitting
  • Mon, 09:36: In other news, #InkyGirl is carrying a catnip mouse from one end of the house to the other, meowing at the top of her lungs the whole time.
  • Mon, 09:51: “J.R.R. Tokeean”?
  • Mon, 09:54: RT @scalzi: E-mails from services I never used telling me they're shutting down. Can't help feeling one is related to the other.
  • Mon, 10:17: Cannot concentrate on writing while listening to podcasts. Funny how that works. Think I will draw Rarity instead. #AmDrawing
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