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  • Thu, 14:19: o/` There’s a good ship, HMS Cockrobin; on the home trip up-and-down she’s bobbin’ o/`
  • Thu, 14:19: o/` Though the crew’s pretty tough, the sea is so rough, they’re all fed up and say that they’ve had more than enough! o/`
  • Thu, 14:20: o/` I’ve got a cousin, he’s an able seaman, and they call him “Red-Haired Tom”… o/`
  • Thu, 14:20: o/` I wired to say “I’ll meet you, and with your pals I’ll treat you,” so guess who I’ve just got a message from? o/`
  • Thu, 14:20: o/` Forty-seven ginger-headed sailors! Coming home across the briny sea… o/`
  • Thu, 14:21: o/` When the anchor’s weighed and the journey’s made, we’ll start the party with a “Heave ho, me hearty!” o/`
  • Thu, 14:21: o/` Forty-seven ginger-headed sailors! You can bet you’re going to hear them when they hail us! o/`
  • Thu, 14:22: o/` An old maid down in Devon said, “My idea of Heaven… is forty-seven ginger-headed sailors!” o/`
  • Thu, 14:23: Thank you, Mister Predictable. ;P //RT @DrezzerWolf: …Mine too!
  • Thu, 14:29: I think… I think my vacation is finished. Today I take stock of everything and catch up on paperwork.
  • Thu, 14:29: Tomorrow, I start working again.
  • Thu, 14:31: I just shredded all that and will start fresh. *nods* /RT @Inkblitzer: Just don't look at the giant, towering stack of papers on your inbox.
  • Thu, 15:07: I gripe about @lotro but I really do love it. My elf champion gained a level learning how to dance at the spring festival. That’s just cool.
  • Thu, 15:07: She also has a pet shrew now. It’s adorbs.
  • Thu, 15:11: RT @Elion_King: @the_gneech @lotro One of my favorite RPG moments ever was levelling up in Mass Effect from looking out a window.
  • Thu, 16:18: RT @TheMastTweets: This is worthy of high praise no matter if you like comics or not. Just take in how amazing this cover is, people. http:…
  • Thu, 20:15: RT @thelindywest: I'm sorry--they're making a Boba Fett movie? THAT IS JUST A MOVIE ABOUT A HELMET.
  • Thu, 20:30: Soarin is the worst at disguises.
  • Thu, 20:43: …”Slickmaster Bling”?
  • Thu, 20:46: RT @mlp_twilight: the summer Princess Catalog, Princess Monthly, Royalty Magazine.. I had no idea there were magazines with circulations of…
  • Fri, 11:43: I just suddenly thought of the plot for Issue Two. And I love it.
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