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Mental Health, In As Much As I've Got Any

So I had a session with the counselor yesterday, and she was of the impression that I was beginning a slide into depression again but that it was reversible. She recommended that I return to my "Three Good Things" postings, but also add a "Three Goals for Tomorrow" element, as my efforts towards anything are being scattered by lack of focus and constant interruption.

Unfortunately, last night I was way too tired to think coherently after I spent the day doing ALL THE FINANCIAL THINGS (ugh), so I completely forgot about doing my posting before going to bed. So in order to get the ball rolling, I'mma do it now!

Three Good Things

  1. Wrote some good stuff for issue two of Rough Housing. It's going to be very silly.

  2. Got a lot of financial jiggery-pokery done that will hopefully facilitate the sale of the house and return to financial stability, as well as increasing the return on my retirement account.

  3. Managed to juggle various appointments so that none were missed or postponed after I discovered that about three of them were completely in conflict.

  4. BONUS: Got to watch a heckuva thunderstorm from up close and personal while we drove home through it, including seeing lightning hit a streetlight on an overpass just ahead of us-- without ourselves getting stuck or completely drenched, as it had lightened up by the time we got home.

Three Goals for Tomorrow Today

  1. Finish the script for issue two, post same to beta readers

  2. Dishes/laundry/cook dinner

  3. Rearrange bedroom furniture

  4. BONUS: AJ needs some love

Dunno if I can pull all that off; honestly I'm dubious. But I'm going to try. I'll report back in later to let you know how I fared.

-The Gneech
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