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Three Good Things/Three Goals for Tomorrow

Well I didn't finish any of my goals from yesterday, alas, but that's not to say I didn't make any progress.

Three Good Things For Today

  1. Taught myself a new shading technique that I hope will give my art a more polished look. Needs practice, of course, but I made a good start!

  2. Updated my financial records for the year. So far I've made about as much in 2014 as I would have made in about six weeks at my previous job... but I've got a lot more to show for it! Also arranged for repair of hall tree.

  3. Got to spend time with lots of kitties as we did our volunteer work for Fancy Cats Rescue Team tonight, including getting to see our faves, Ruby and Damien.

  4. Bonus Good Thing! Started a Pinterest account. No idea how it works or what I'm going to do with it yet, but that will come with time, I imagine.

Three Goals for Tomorrow

  1. Finish dat cover!

  2. Do the whole URL update thing.

  3. Make some progress on getting the house ready for sale.

Time permitting, I'd like to get some MMO and #TwitterPonies time in too, but that will be subject to the whims of fate.

And now... BED. *thud* zzzzzzzz...

-The Gneech
Tags: cat rescue, house, suburban jungle, the business end, three goals for tomorrow, three good things
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