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  • Sun, 22:55: I am getting better— I feel a little more like myself every day— but I’ve still got work to do, and that requires rest and energy.
  • Sun, 22:55: Hey now, Gnorman would be all up in my face if I did something like that. //RT @Inkblitzer: Punt a gnome and go to bed!
  • Sun, 22:56: Anyway, gnite world, and have an awesome tomorrow. Lord knows you could use one, and so could I!
  • Mon, 00:04: Issue Two Front Cover: Suburban Jungle
  • Mon, 08:43: At the risk of tooting my own horn, I’m pleased with that cover. ^.^’
  • Mon, 08:43: Although in hindsight I should have done either more or less w/ Langley’s eyes going googly.
  • Mon, 08:44: Still, it’s the kind of thing I could have never pulled off in the original SJ. Wrong format, and I didn’t have the artistic chops.
  • Mon, 08:54: o/` Barney Google, with the goo-goo-googley eyes! Barney Google, has a wife three times his size! o/`
  • Mon, 08:54: o/` Only friends can get a squeeze— that girl has no enemies! Barney Google, with the goo-goo-googly eyes! o/`
  • Mon, 08:55: Four generations later, hardly anyone remembers who Barney Google even is. It means a very different thing, now!
  • Mon, 08:55: Heck, he was long gone from his own comic by the time I was reading it. It was “Snuffy Smith” then.
  • Mon, 08:57: It’s only my crazy uncle’s unremitting efforts to acclimate me to life in the 1930s in case of time travel that -I- know who he was.
  • Mon, 09:11: RT @gpfjeff: @the_gneech I remember him making a "guest appearance" in a Sunday comic once when I was a kid and thinking, "So THAT'S who BG…
  • Mon, 09:11: RT @gpfjeff: @the_gneech "His name's been in the title of this comic for years, and I've never seen this guy before..."
  • Mon, 09:13: Snuffy Smith and Ham Gravy should have a team-up comic. (Everyone: “Who’s Ham Gravy???” Me: “Nevermind.”)
  • Mon, 09:14: I studied the history of the American comic strip in college. You can tell, can’t you? ¬.¬
  • Mon, 09:21: Well that certainly puts a different light on things…
  • Mon, 09:38: Okay today, what shall I do with you?
  • Mon, 09:40: Eh, yesterday would just horn in. //RT @BirdCatOOC: have today talk with tomorrow.
  • Mon, 09:42: These are all good options! //RT @DatBirdbrain: crazy fun times? Productivity? Crazily fun productivity?
  • Mon, 11:19: RT @cubewatermelon: Animals are WEIRD. Including people. Also space is weird! Physics is weird too?? Seriously wtf is with the universe even
  • Mon, 11:24: Aww bummer, Rik Mayall (Lord Flashheart) passed away. Col. Thunder salutes you, sir!
  • Mon, 11:40: I will finish this commission today! So it is written— so shall it be!
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