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  • Fri, 20:07: RT @ericjstolze: Oh, shit. Guys... I just found out it was actually spelled "Twidder" this whole time. ... What the hell website are we o…
  • Fri, 20:51: Lightning bugs are GO.
  • Fri, 20:55: *hits ball across net, no return* *hits ball across net, no return* *hits ball across net, no return* *PUMMELLED WITH TENNIS BALLS*
  • Fri, 21:00: Hmm. I wonder if the train ride to TackyLand is overnight, or what.
  • Fri, 21:01: Alas, I missed the original TackyLand trip, so I have no memories to fall back on.
  • Fri, 21:03: ‘k, maybe they’ll get in around 10:00ish. RT @ccagraveheart: I figured that they'd arrive late enough to check into their hotel resort.
  • Fri, 21:49: RT @RoyalNightShift: Should any foal desire extra protection on this full moon Friday the 13th, they need but ask. …this offer is extende…
  • Fri, 21:51: That night when the #TwitterPonies played “Cards Against Humanity."
  • Fri, 22:04: Seems legit! //RT @KevinFrane: That tweet in and of itself should be a Cards Against Humanity card.
  • Fri, 22:15: Rarity! XD
  • Fri, 22:18: GNITE EVERYPONY!!! /Wakko
  • Fri, 22:28: So, yeah. That was awesome. XD
  • Fri, 22:29: RT @egophiliac: grandma's roomba got scared of the storm and wedged itself under the couch. now we can't get it out.
  • Fri, 22:59: Okay, “Mane Six Playing Cards Against Humanity” is going into my mental scrapbook of great moments in #TwitterPonies.
  • Fri, 23:31: Still giggling. :) Think I’d better go to bed.
  • Fri, 23:32: Gnite world, and have an awesome tomorrow. I sure as heck intend to!
  • Sat, 10:48: FROG BLAST THE VENT CORE! *kaboom*
  • Sat, 11:46: Wow, if summer was always like this, I wouldn't hate it! #WeatherThatDoesntSuck
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