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Been a Long Week. And It's Tuesday. O.o

Last week, after Buddha was so sick, we had him on medicines and everything was hunky-dory... except that two days later, suddenly Dasher was just as sick, in exactly the same way. O.o

Two days after that, so was InkyGirl. D:

So yesterday, Dash and Inks went to the vet. laurie_robey and I had been planning to go out of town today and tomorrow to visit her family, but that got canceled in favor of staying home and taking care of the cats.

The various vets' verdict was "Eh, sometimes cats get sick. Here's some meds to make them feel better, they should be fine in a few days." No indication of what caused it, no indication of how we can prevent it from happening again. Oy. But as long as the cats are okay (which they seem to be this morning at least) I won't complain too much.

I'm spending the unexpected time at home to keep churning away at comics. I'm currently working on pages for the first full week of July still, and that's only two weeks away. I am extremely dissatisfied with my own performance on this front-- how do I have the gall to ask people to support my work, if no matter how many hours I grind away at it, I don't produce anything?

I have been systematically cutting out distractions in order to try to fix this problem; I have limited my websurfing to being finished no later than 9:00 a.m. (or 10:00 a.m. on exercise days), severely restricted my #TwitterPonies time, and pretty much dropped all computer gaming to at night when I'm too tired to draw decently any more. Yesterday I still had close to a ten hour day and with it got as far as pencilled and inked one page.

On my next break between issues, I'm going to start doing speed exercises in an attempt to reduce my drawing time. I'm not sure what they will consist of exactly, but my best guess is simply writing up a handful of image concepts, then shouting "GO!" and trying to draw as many of them as I can in an hour or however long.

I hope it works; I can't be left constantly both exhausted and unsatisfied with the work, and expect it to continue. I have got to find a groove.

-The Gneech
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