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Morning Stumbles In and Stubs Its Toe

Hurf. So much to do today. Gotta draw, that's a big one. I also need to try to put together some kind of "About the Strip" stuff for the SJ page before tonight, for "The Big Meeting." I also need to deal with the VEC -- which has a habit of eating whole days itself, the bastard.

Of course, my jealous muses being what they are, this is Ethangea's cue to jump out and demand attention again. This month's Dragon magazine has a large and in-depth article about world-building that reminds me of my "play out history like a game of Risk" idea, right down to the "Random Events Generator." It's designed to go forward on a season-to-season basis assuming a world that already exists, but that could be tweaked. It definitely bears investigation -- later.

Yeah, scream and yell Ethangea, I know you want to distract me from the stuff that needs to be done today -- just like my comics would scream and yell to keep me from working on you if there was a deadline involved. You guys are going to need to learn to get along inside my head, if either of you really want to get anywhere. Of course it's possible that neither of you really do -- in which case, I'll dump the both of you. Life is very short, and I'm not going to waste any more of it on neurotic dithering. It's time for my muses to put up or shut up.

-The Gneech, off to work now
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