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Wait, Watchers

Conventions and my weight occupy an interesting space. Generally speaking, I eat terribly and erratically at conventions, averaging 2.5 meals per day, but those meals consist mostly of super-carby fried everythings. On the other hand, I tend to spend my days at conventions toting around 60-lb bags, walking all over hell and back, and sweating off twice my daily intake in water weight.

AC 2014 was my first convention "on a diet," and while it was far from an exercise in healthy living, it was also not a huge disaster, either. I went a bit over on points every day (my current allotment: 63 points; my average intake at AC: 67), but I made up almost exactly the same amount in activity points, and that's what the weekly allotment of "flex points" is for anyway.

Buuuuuut... here's the thing. If I reach my goal of 200 lbs., assuming an average loss of 2 lbs/week, that means that next year at AnthroCon, I'll be living on 32 points. O.o

Right now, I can't even conceive of what a 32 point diet might look like, much less how I might be able to pull it off at a convention. One drink, like a margarita or a shot of Bailey's, averages 7-10 points. I'm nowhere near the hardcore boozer that many of my artistic colleagues are, but I still like to do a little partying. My beloved morning mochas, without which life can barely be called living, start at 5 points and go up from there. It took a lot of carefully selecting menu choices and discarding or saving-for-later of portions to keep my intake down to 67.

That's still a year away of course and presumably by then I'll be used to living on 32 points a day and wondering how I managed to eat as much as I do now. I will also presumably be living a more active life generally, although given that the default value of "10 minutes of (whatever) = 1 point" means that I'd have to spend an hour working out to burn off one mocha, so I dunno.

So we'll see. But in the meantime, I intend to keep cursing genetics, which have made it possible for my brother to live on burritos and ice cream and always be underweight, while forcing me to live on fumes and always be overweight. :P

-The Gneech
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