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  • Thu, 00:24: Anyway! I’ve had an artastic day and I’m super-chuffed about it, but I’m also super-exhausted. So off to bed I go.
  • Thu, 00:24: Gnite world, and have an awesome tomorrow. I love you. :)
  • Thu, 08:03: Well hello there, Wonder Woman! O.o
  • Thu, 08:12: I got Dresden too. :) //RT @longshotauthor: I got Harry Dresden! Weird, right? Which Famous Wizard Are You? #quiz
  • Thu, 08:17: Trailer for MMO beta: “You’ll be able to experience many activities! (footage: shooting a gun) You’ll develop skills! (footage: explosion)"
  • Thu, 08:17: Yaaaay. More of the same old junk.
  • Thu, 08:18: “You’ll be creating a CHARACTER, then taking them out into a NEW WORLD and UPGRADING everything about them, their armor, their weapons…"
  • Thu, 08:19: Dare to innovate!
  • Thu, 08:20: Every game ever all over again. //RT @Turnsky: so basically World of warcraft all over again.
  • Thu, 08:32: RT @salenstormwing: @the_gneech I can't wait for the Battlefield 4 Expans. where you return home with PTSD and a bad VA system.
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