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  • Thu, 14:58: It’s probably a good thing I don’t have the software/experience to make AMVs because I would just flood YouTube with pony vids all the time.
  • Thu, 15:00: I’ve also wanted to make an AMV of Rainbow Dash to Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation” since forever.
  • Thu, 16:13: RT @ericjstolze: Over several hours, my Ouija board slowly, meticulously spelled out, "ENJOY THESE OTHER FINE HASBRO PRODUCTS."
  • Thu, 16:16: RT @GailSimone: Okay. "Why don't they just create a NEW character who is _____? Why does it have to be THOR/ATOM/CAP?" Let me explain to yo…
  • Thu, 16:16: RT @GailSimone: Because NEW CHARACTER might do okay, maybe, if the winds are right. But girl THOR and black CAP make the goddamn evening NE…
  • Thu, 17:58: Have I mentioned that @laurierobey is basically Twilight Sparkle? 'cos she is. We're living Rarilight.
  • Thu, 22:56: Spent the day furiously cleaning the house— we’re one week out from putting it back on the market. Exhaustipated now.
  • Thu, 22:57: On the other hand, parts of it look much nicer now. ^.^
  • Thu, 22:57: Still got a long way to go. Blugh. But we can only do what’s possible.
  • Thu, 22:58: Anyway, I’m off to bed now. Gotta do some serious drawing tomorrow. Gnite world, have an awesome tomorrow. :)
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