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"That's Why I Murdered the Assassin But Let the Thieves Go"

Another session of jamesbarrett's Pathfinder game tonight, featuring my Rarity-as-drow-bard Obsidian. She is starting to wonder if maybe she's safer down in dungeons, considering that while she was in town her jewelry store was broken into three times over the course of four days.

Still, it was a fun session of skullduggery, in which she drove off some would-be thieves, had a courteous "keep your rabble away from my shop if they don't want to be killed, also let's do business" meeting with someone of importance in the thieves' guild, and slew a would-be assassin and hung his corpse on a streetlamp with a sign reading "My boss is _____ and I am a terrible assassin" in the style of an internet pet-shaming post in order to give a metaphorical middle finger to both the assassins' society (guild? union?) and the shadowy figure who hired them. She rounded off the evening by receiving an anonymous death threat from someone whom she apparently let survive when she shouldn't have, but could only guess at which of her myriad enemies it might be.

(hantamouse: "How many enemies do you HAVE?" Obsidian: "Er..." *starts thinking* hantamouse: "Would it be faster to just list who ISN'T your enemy?" Obsidian: "Well you haven't tried to kill me yet.")

There were also intrigues involving laurie_robey's cleric and the would-be-successor to the high priesthood, and an orc-chauvanist cult attempting to recruit hantamouse, so all in all it was a rousing, RP-heavy time, which is of course my favorite kind. :)

Obsidian, though raised in drow society, is actually true neutral in alignment; she is not exactly amoral so much as "always calculating." "Is it better in the long term to capture this foe? Let them escape? Slaughter them all? Rob them blind? Deal fairly?" etc. She is inclined to mercy and prefers negotiation over violence, which made her a softy in her homeland but she's still fairly ruthless among the surface folk. Her working philosophy of "don't poison the wine in your own house" makes her actually a very good neighbor and business associate, and even a remarkably considerate boss. Her jewelry apprentice is well-trained and even pampered; her orc bodyguard is probably the highest-paid meatshield in Khojar.

Tonight I added to her backstory with a tale of her first shop in surface society, which had contact poison on all the wares and customers were invited to run their fingertips in the anti-toxin before they were shown any merchandise-- all of which is par for the course in drow society.[1] "That didn't work out so well."

When interacting with the personage from the thieves' guild this evening, she definitely played the role of iron fist in a velvet glove. The guild rep was happy to negotiate some form of protection if she was "willing to hold her end up." Her response was that her shop had been broken into twice, and that both times she had let the would-be thief escape with their lives, but that would no longer be the case-- and used the slain and publicly-shamed assassin as an example of what the thieves' guild had to look forward to should her shop be bothered again.

However, by means of her +13 Diplomacy, a graciously-purchased drink, and a few batted eyelids, she expressed all of this in the most delightfully charming way possible and hopes to have made a valuable business contact for later, either buying or selling. At the end of the session the team got whiff of a slightly-shady job in another corner of the town's underworld, although Obsidian may have to do some finagling to sell the lawful good cleric on the idea.

Obsidian is also working on winding her way into high society and has started the ball rolling on opening a theater in the city (although it's purely in the "I want to do this thing..." stages right now). Besides creating a venue for herself (she's a bard after all, and that Perform [Sing] +14 is good for more than just +2 to-hit and damage), she is also investing in her adopted home and community, and also just plain pursuing culture for its own sake.

She's a fun character. ;)

-The Gneech

[1] Obsidian's background, as much as I've expanded on it, is that she fled drow society when her House was wiped out in the usual factional politics. She occasionally brings up things like her attempts to murder (and avoid being murdered by) her sister, the role of servants in drow society ("Their ultimate job is to get killed first...") and how that colors her relationship with hantamouse's orc ftr/rog, her bodyguard, and so on.
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