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  • Thu, 16:22: Is there a name for the musical genre of “sensitive guy singing along with an acoustic guitar”? Of the “Your Body is a Wonderland” variety?
  • Thu, 16:22: Like, “Nice Guy Blues” or something?
  • Thu, 16:23: RT @kimholcomb: Sorry I can't take your call, I've stepped away from my desk until the phone stops ringing.
  • Thu, 16:23: Heh. I thought that was in Albania! //RT @Elion_King: White Guy With Acoustic Guitar. Also, Fratar.
  • Thu, 16:24: That’s a descriptor, not a name. ;) //RT @Inkblitzer: Other then 'awkward'?
  • Thu, 16:25: The only reason I ask, is Pandora keeps being surprised that I don’t want to hear it. ¬.¬
  • Thu, 17:18: RT @kennethhite: Downpour is downpouring. I expect a Bollywood dance number to break out on the sidewalk at any minute. #monsoonmidwest
  • Thu, 17:18: RT @WorstMuse: Platonic friendships between men and women? Psh. No one would believe THAT.
  • Thu, 23:03: Aww. <3 //RT @swiftpawz: Just finished The Gneech's Suburban Jungle (Classic) ....I'm crying. these characters brought me into the furdom.
  • Thu, 23:05: Saw Guardians of the Galaxy again. It holds up! :)
  • Thu, 23:06: “Duck Soup” was also playing at @AlamoDC tonight and I was sorely tempted. Buuuuut I’ve seen that 1,506,702 times. So GotG won.
  • Thu, 23:06: Now I am very sleepy, and eager to be in bed. So g’nite world, and have an awesome tomorrow. :)
  • Fri, 09:25: RT @mlp_Soarin: Who's awesome? YOU'RE awesome. Proof? Here's your Awesome Certificate!
  • Fri, 09:31: o/` Wearin' my mask (Yay!), lookin' like a bear (...yay)... wearin' my mask and lookin' like a bear, I'm a raccooooooon! o/`
  • Fri, 11:20: RT @Ebdain: I am so ready to table flip and walk away from this job forever.
  • Fri, 11:22: It's official: I have not yet shrunk enough to shop at Tommy Bahama. But it is a visible and possible goal.
  • Fri, 11:23: Also, I don't like being yelled at by my sister when a simple "That's probably noy the best option" would have sufficed. #DramaLlama :P
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